Quote of the day: Self Love

When we look outside of ourselves for love, acceptance and validation we end up disappointed, unfulfilled and empty. The love and care we need, is from ourselves. Taking care of ourselves through acts of self care is the greatest way to fill our tanks. You are the love of your life. Do something today that you will feel thankful for.

Quote of the day: The world needs you

YOU are exactly what the world.  Just the way you are.  Perfectly imperfect, and beautiful in every way.


Quote of the day: You can do hard things.

When we are faced with challenges that we perceive to be hard, we do one of three things. We anticipate, we avoid or we accept. Not everyone accepts. And that’s ok. Just remember that nothing can change so long as we stay “comfortable”.

YOU can do hard things


Quote of the day: Be good to yourself

You will attract what you believe you deserve. Treat yourself how you want to be treated. We need no other love, than our own. ❤️