Never lostΒ 

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an “I”. A cute play on words, and oh so true. 

We have all experienced, at one time or another, a feeling of losing oneself. Trying to be an apple when you’re a peach. Disconnected. Powerless. Anxious… The list goes on. 

While the journey home may seem so far away, know this: You are never lost. You can always find your way home, back to your souls’ essence. 

Close your eyes, feel what you feel, see what you see and allow yourself to be guided back to the beautiful and perfect being that you are. 



Meditation offers you space to connect with yourself. We usually think of meditation as someone sitting and entering an alternate state of mind, but it doesn’t have to be that. In fact, most people just end up trying to fight back their thoughts.

Don’t “try” to do or be anything. Just create time that you remove distraction, give yourself space to breathe, and can listen to your soul speak.

Then watch as a new you emerges. πŸ’–