I choose you…


“I choose you, not for endless fairytale love, but because you are the perfect person for me – to help me grow, realize my fears, and face my insecurities. 

I choose you because together, we are the perfect combination of beauty and pain – just enough to help each other evolve.

 I choose you because love is supposed to be real, raw, and honest – and when times are tough, that is when I’m challenged most to find my love and share it so that I may help you grow, realize your fears and face your insecurities. 
I choose you…

Let it go…with love

“Let it go! Let it go!” Are you singing it yet?

If you’re like me, the song will be stuck in your head all day. (You’re welcome). 

Theme songs aside…. How many times have you heard or have been given the advice to “Let it go”. Whether it be anger, sadness, hurt or resentment – easier said than done, don’t you agree?

How exactly does one “Let it go”, when it feels so deeply woven through the fabric of our soul?

We all experience hurt, anger, resentment and prejudice. We equally experience love, joy, acceptance and compassion too.

In order to Let it go, we need to decide which thread we want to work with. You can not let go that which you hate (hurt, resent, anger etc). Giving your attention to those emotions only creates knots in that thread, thus giving it strength.

By choosing to work with the thread of Love (joy, acceptance, compassion etc) you release the knots and help to grow the thread that will nourish your soul, ultimately allowing you to….Let it go.

-M.R xo


Write your own story

Writing has brought me new insights not only in the realm of the literary world, but in my world as well.

I have become acutely aware of how I live my life- how I write my story. Every comma, every period, and every exclamation point makes a statement about what will happen next.

When a relationship ends, do you bring closure by putting a period or do you leave space for pain and suffering to continue by putting a comma?

When you’ve been touched by love, do you use an exclamation mark to signify importance or a period to shut it down?

We are the authors of our story. If you want change, growth and expansion – be aware of how you are writing. Place a period where things should end and a comma where you want to continue. And when something has impacted you, remember to finish it off with an exclamation mark so that everyone knows (including yourself) just how important that experience was.

Write your story and live it the way you have always dreamed.


The conditioned mind : Growing up those young conversations

When I first realized that my 13 year old was ruining my life, I felt angry, shameful and enlightened all at the same time.  An odd combination of adjectives, I know – but it truly was how I felt.  I was angry that I had allowed her to take control and shameful that I, as an adult, felt powerless to stop her.  So where does the enlightenment come in? The exact moment that I realized that this 13 year old was me!  My inner child, stuck at the tender age of 13, was interfering in my relationships, questioning my confidence and jeopardizing my overall well-being.

We all have a young conversations that show up in certain areas of our lives – some more apparent than others.   “I’m not good enough”  or “success is for someone else” or “I will never be happy”…you get the idea.

That young conversation is nothing more than your conditioned mind.  Our minds are an amazingly complex filing system of thoughts and experiences that we have collected since the moment we were born. The job of the mind is to make sense and interpret what is happening around us. The problem is, it is pulling from the experiences that we had as young children, and projecting the interpretations we gave it back then, into our present day lives.  Our adult lives.

Recall a situation from your childhood where your young conversation really became apparent.  Maybe your school friends never wanted to play what you wanted to play.  Or maybe it was that first broken heart.  Whatever the situation, connected to that memory is a reason you created to make sense of what was happening.  Follow the experiences in your life from that point forward, and you will find similar situations and similar feelings.  And since the job of the mind is to pull from our past experiences and make sense of the world, your automatic response to those similar situations, is to give it the same response you gave it way back when.

What to do with that young conversation so that it stops interfering with your adult life? Well, I wise person once told me “awareness is 70% the cure.”  The rest is a matter of consciously making the decision to change how you think. Byron Katie is a miracle maker when it comes to changing how we think and it all stems from The Work – an inquiry based method.  The Work has you ask yourself one simple question.  Is it True? “ Is it true that I will never be happy?”  “ Is it true that I am not good enough”  “ Is it true….”

Start asking, then be still and listen.  Once you start offering the mind other alternative reasons, it won’t default to the young conversation it stored away many years ago.  Combine inquiry with positive self-talk, and soon enough you will find that your young conversations ” grow up” and the conversation you start having with yourself will not only be true, but will actually start changing your life!

M.R xo