Let it go…with love

“Let it go! Let it go!” Are you singing it yet?

If you’re like me, the song will be stuck in your head all day. (You’re welcome). 

Theme songs aside…. How many times have you heard or have been given the advice to “Let it go”. Whether it be anger, sadness, hurt or resentment – easier said than done, don’t you agree?

How exactly does one “Let it go”, when it feels so deeply woven through the fabric of our soul?

We all experience hurt, anger, resentment and prejudice. We equally experience love, joy, acceptance and compassion too.

In order to Let it go, we need to decide which thread we want to work with. You can not let go that which you hate (hurt, resent, anger etc). Giving your attention to those emotions only creates knots in that thread, thus giving it strength.

By choosing to work with the thread of Love (joy, acceptance, compassion etc) you release the knots and help to grow the thread that will nourish your soul, ultimately allowing you to….Let it go.

-M.R xo


Unraveling the Thread of Grief

Our soul is meant to experience love, fully, freely and deeply. Yet we are born with a tiny thread that connects the collective memories of loss from generations past. This tiny thread weaves itself around the heart and continues to weave through our soul, as we grow and experience love and loss; light and darkness. The hope is to protect the heart but the truth is, it is not protective at all. It is hindering.

The threads of grief hinder our inner light from shining and they hinder us from fully feeling and accepting the light of others.

As we begin to unravel the threads of grief, we allow space for light to enter; space for our inner light to shine – so that we may return to our souls’ desire to fully love and be loved once more.