I choose you…


“I choose you, not for endless fairytale love, but because you are the perfect person for me – to help me grow, realize my fears, and face my insecurities. 

I choose you because together, we are the perfect combination of beauty and pain – just enough to help each other evolve.

 I choose you because love is supposed to be real, raw, and honest – and when times are tough, that is when I’m challenged most to find my love and share it so that I may help you grow, realize your fears and face your insecurities. 
I choose you…

2 thoughts on “I choose you…

  1. This — Is beautiful —
    Thankyou Michelle – I wish there were so many more versions of you out there!
    ❤ Just ❤ Be ❤ Yourself
    Glenn Chase fb – Universal source –
    -Chase- The white rabbit!

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