Write your own story

Writing has brought me new insights not only in the realm of the literary world, but in my world as well.

I have become acutely aware of how I live my life- how I write my story. Every comma, every period, and every exclamation point makes a statement about what will happen next.

When a relationship ends, do you bring closure by putting a period or do you leave space for pain and suffering to continue by putting a comma?

When you’ve been touched by love, do you use an exclamation mark to signify importance or a period to shut it down?

We are the authors of our story. If you want change, growth and expansion – be aware of how you are writing. Place a period where things should end and a comma where you want to continue. And when something has impacted you, remember to finish it off with an exclamation mark so that everyone knows (including yourself) just how important that experience was.

Write your story and live it the way you have always dreamed.


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